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Justin Harris & Ray Andres Gym Muscle Guys Fuck

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You know you have been at the gym watching the hot muscular guy next to you pump it up and wonder what if!  Watching his muscle ripple and staring at his bulging package under his workout clotes. Watch as Justin Harris & Ray Andres explore the fantasy of what if!  They pump their muscles in front of each other then they pump each others hot thick cocks to a frenzy, we have all fantasized about, blowing our load of creamy cum all over that hot guy next to us working out at the gym.

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Naked College Gym Jocks Sucking Cock

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Troy Gabriel and Tommy Defendi are both sexy young guys, and even though Troy was reluctant when we first asked him to get blown on film, he got over his nervousness and gave it his all – all 8 inches of it! After a little goofing around, Tommy helps Troy out in a big way, licking his shaft up and down, sucking on his head, and taking Troys cock pretty deep. Once Troy gets used to it and starts enjoying himself, he grabs Tommy by the head and starts face-fucking him – very hot! – and right before they each blow a load, Tommy even gets Troy to bend over for a taste of his beautiful pink ass! This is an awesome vid from two of our sexiest dudes. Want more, visit College Dudes 247, click here.